And from the Italians at the Olympics

According to a report on Voice of Israel radio, the Italian Olympic team has paid their respects to the Munich 11 –  again, more than the International Olympic Committee has managed to do. The team cane and sstood in silence outside the quarters of the Israeli team, in memory of the 11 athletes slain in the Munich Olympics 40 years ago.

About 30 Italians were present at the ceremony, including Italy’s Minister of Sport, the heads of the Italian Olympic Committee and athletes. Israeli Olympic Committee head Tzvi Varshaviak and Olympic delegation leader Efraim Zinger also took part.

It is actions like these that represent the Olympic spirit so missing in the International Olympic Committee decision. With deep gratitude and tears in my eyes, I thank the Italian team for their incredible gesture. I wish them many medals, but have to be honest and say that nothing they could possibly win will show more about the kinds of athletes and people they are, than this simple gesture. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing this, Paula. I have heard that at the End of Days, Hashem will allow many opportunities for human beings to sort themselves out. Are they on the side of Good or Evil? These seemingly simple gestures may be included in that ultimate sorting. May each of these Italian athletes be blessed.

  2. Makes me want to visit Italy…again! What a stand for Italy to take, I too feel so moved and filled with gratitude. Just like the righteous Gentiles during the Holocaust, they are really just doing what is RIGHT. By the Olympic Committee refusing to grant the slain athletes a minute of silence, Israel is getting even more press coverage which is great!!! JAN

  3. Hi Avram – it’s all over the Internet, but here’s one source:

    Ruti, Jan – what can I say – I agree. I am so moved by this tremendous action. I hope other nations will do the same in the coming days…let each, one by one, come to the Israeli residence and pay their respects. It’s a beautiful idea – and a wonderful way of remembering that the IOC failed to do the right thing…just for one moment.

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