A Tear for a Star

Arik Einstein died last night at the age of 74…he was unparalleled in the music industry in Israel and I doubt there are many parents in Israel who didn’t hear one of his songs as their youngest children finished nursery school and moved on to first grade. They grow so fast…and Arik Einstein’s song, “Fly Little Bird” always brought me to tears…”fly wherever you want, but don’t forget there’s an eagle in the sky, be careful…”

Fly Little Bird

My little birds have left the nest 
Spread their wings and flew away 
And I, an old bird, remained in the nest 
Really hoping that everything will be alright. 

I always knew the day would come 
When we’d have to part 
But now it came to me so suddenly 
So what’s the wonder that I’m a bit concerned. 

Fly, little bird 
Cut through the sky 
Fly to wherever you want 
Just don’t forget 
There’s an eagle in the sky 
Be cautious… 

We are now alone in the nest 
But we are together 
Hold me tight and tell me yes 
Do not worry, it’s fun to grow old together 

Fly, little bird… 

I know that it’s just nature 
I also left a nest 
But now when he comes the moment 
I get choked up (in the throat) 
I get choked up… 

Fly, little bird…

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