A Rough Day; A Good Day

It’s a rough day in Israel today, but a good one. It’s a good one because nobody died – not in the terrorist attack by yet another tractor driver in Jerusalem, and not in the fifteen or so rocket attacks on Israel’s southern residents. It was a good day, even a lucky one.

It isn’t clear what was in the mind of the tractor driver who plowed into a police car. It seems his intended target was a bus load of children sitting in a bus on the side of the highway. What is unbearably clear is that the immediate hope of the driver was to harm, to kill.

This is the new weapon – the BMW black sedan that was rammed into my son’s unit a few months ago, the tractors that have been used repeatedly to injure and murder. I talked to Elie about the tractor incident – he seemed as resigned as the rest of us. His only comment was that this is probably in some sick way a good sign, “it means they can’t get explosives through as easily.”

Yes, I guess that is the bright side of a sad situation, but it doesn’t make driving past a tractor any easier these days in Israel.

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