A Land of Miracles

It seems that miracles happen every day in Israel. Two just in the last few days…

This week, an elderly couple had had enough of the endless rocket attacks in Sderot. Seeking some peace and quiet, they finally fled their home to stay with friends…and early in the morning, a rocket was launched from Gaza. It was a direct hit, destroying the house and its contents. There’s no question that had the couple been in the home, the story would have ended in tragedy. Houses and its contents can be replaced – though by all that is just in the world, no one has the right to launch endless rockets against an innocent civilian population as we see every day here…but it could have been so much worse.

And, another example was recently published by Israel National News – this is no less a miracle, though not caused by rockets…part of the ceiling in a school collapsed in a place where 2nd grade children should have been…but they weren’t…because they were off taking a math test!

Math Test Saved Lives of Petach Tikva Second Graders

A concrete ceiling collapsed on a computer workshop in a Petach Tikva elementary school last Friday, during school hours. The class was supposed to have been full of second graders but luckily, they were being held up by an arithmetic teacher who wanted extra time for a test. The room was empty during the collapse. The incident at Neveh Oz elementary school was reported today by Channel 2. An acoustic ceiling as well as a concrete ceiling collapsed on the chairs and computers below them, in a way that was bound to have caused a great tragedy had the kids been present.

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