YNET Owes Shderot Residents an Apology

Beyond the insensivity is the incredible inaccuracy of YNET’s recent article on a missile attack. Today (November 9), YNET reported that a bit after midnight, a kassem rocket was launched at Shderot, landing just outside the city. Moments before, a Code Red siren sounded.

YNET offered a bit of background, as follows:

Since the end of Operation Cast Lead in early 2009, a relative state of calm has been maintained around the Gaza Strip, despite occasional shooting incidents, attempts to place explosives and the firing of Qassam rockets.

“A relative state of calm”, “despite occasional shooting incidents…and the firing of Qassam rockets”?

The rocket that hit Shderot last night was number 271 since the end of the fighting during the Gaza War, which ended on January 18, 2009, when Israel pulled its troops out of Gaza. Israel ended the war, by many accounts, because of the anticipated pressure the new Obama government would bring to bear immediately upon taking office.

This was rocket 271…in 296 days. That doesn’t seem to be occasional… and those under the skies where these missiles fell certainly would not consider it a period of “relative calm.”

It is bad enough when foreign media ignore the missiles – it is intolerable when our own media does the same. Shame on YNET – they owe the people of Israel’s southern regions an apology.

They can start off by bringing their whole staff to Shderot and having them remain there for a few days…let’s see then how insignificant these rockets will seem, how calm these times, now occasional these rockets!

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