Will Mohammed come to the Mountain?

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This is the update to the Mohammed and the Router story…otherwise known as “When is a messenger not a messenger?


It’s now 12:20 p.m. in Israel – three hours after this story began. Mohammed is still refusing to deliver and קבוצת בר has given in to this, causing us quite a bit of inconvenience. As far as they are concerned – it is not their problem that I can either have Elie disable the Internet and function without Internet until next week (not possible) or have to climb up a ladder by myself on Sunday or Monday to attempt to install a router. They work for Bezek, after all – what do they care?

I’ll add here that I’m a technical writer, not a technician. קבוצת בר will not compensate us for their driver’s behavior and really couldn’t care less about the damage they have caused. Okay, good to know. See if I ever use them! More importantly, hopefully, Bezek will drop them!

Bezek has offered to compensate us – their first offer was 100 minutes of free airtime – on lines that already have plans large enough so that we don’t get to our maximum amount (in other words – worthless).

We asked them to cover the cost of sending a technician to uninstall and install the routers for us. I had taken care of this by having Elie here today; on Sunday, he has classes all day and can’t come to the office. To uninstall the router, you need to climb up a ladder to about 2 meters above the ground, disconnect the existing one and then reconnect the new one. On a good day, I’m not sure I could do this; with one arm…so not.

They won’t cover the cost of sending a technician, explained the manager, because this costs them money. Seriously? Whose fault is it that I need a technician in the first place. I didn’t hire that dumb delivery company and I certainly didn’t hire Mohammed!

Their next offer was to pay for the delivery service…great – see where that got us so far…and two months free phone line (comes to about $12). Delivery would be made on Sunday. After arguing, they agreed to pay for another delivery to pick up the old router after someone (not me) manages to install the new one.

And after all this, Elie came over and asked me for Mohammed’s phone. I wasn’t really sure I wanted him to do this…but Elie is Elie. He called Mohammed. He asked Mohammed what the problem was and why he didn’t deliver the package. After 5 minutes, Mohammed agreed – if we would give him parking. Mohammed was, apparently, right in the area – this was really all a game. Within about three minutes, Mohammed called back and asked us to open the parking gate. We opened the gate – Mohammed drove in and came upstairs and delivered….

One router…um…we were supposed to get two. Ah….well….at least Mohammed came to the mountain…

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