Why Israel was Created…

There are many reasons why Israel exists today, why it should, why it must. Sometimes, you can give a complicated answer, and sometimes, the answer is so simple. Today is a simple one. This morning, a plane flew into Israel from Russia. It was a special flight, sent to there by the State of Israel. On board the plane, as it landed in Israel, was a special medical team, and a young man in critical condition. Aharon Alexander is 25 years old.

He was brutally attacked as he left his synagogue in Kiev. He has been hospitalized ever since with head injuries. Today, he was brought to Israel for treatment. Israel stands ready to welcome Jews from all over the world – healthy ones and injured ones, those who live in fear and those who come here by choice.

Every year, thousands choose to come here and make Israel their home – it has been the way for centuries and more. This quiet truth that Israel is home. My grandfather only came once to Israel – he died before he could fulfill his promise and take me here. The first time I came here, at age 16, I was still in mourning for him and despite my sadness, I felt so happy to be here. It was the first time I felt, truly felt, that I had come home, to my home.

Israel was created – or I should say recreated – as an historical correction; a people returning (and again, I’ll mention that there were always Jews here – never since the exodus from Egypt, has there been a time when there were no Jews here) to their land. Israel was created so that the world would know that it could – never again – attack Jews without knowing that there was someone, some entity at their backs.

So long as there is an Israel – there will be no Holocaust. By might, by right – we are here. Today, we brought  Aharon Alexander home. The families of those killed in the recent Paris school attack have already announced they will be among those moving to Israel in the near future.

Elie and Lauren are flying home later today; soon, my daughter and her husband and baby will join us in the local park to sit in the sunshine. We’ll all play with the baby and enjoy watching him crawl around on the grass. My children will run in the sun of this land and I’ll relax – another day of vacation knowing, so happy, that I’ve come home, that I’ve brought my children home. That two were born here and that all of them know that they may leave – but there will never be another place for them. I hope that Aharon will wake up, that he will be fully recovered soon, and that he will know he never has to go back to darkness and hatred.

And to the person who keeps sending me the YouTube videos of hatred and misinformation…do you really expect me to post them? To even waste my time viewing them? Really, some people can be so silly at times.

And to those of you who recently celebrated Easter – I hope you had a wonderful holiday and are now enjoying the coming of Spring.

And to those of you celebrating Passover – chag samayah!

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  1. You talk a lot about antisemitism. But there is also something called islamophobia.

    This murderer murdered children because of his hatred towards islam and muslims.

    Dont believe me? Read his “manifest”. Just google it. His name is Anders Behring Breivik.


    Pls be careful with your comments about “arabs” and “muslims”.

    Innocent muslims and their friends are also the target of hateful stupid evil people, as you describe jews are.

  2. This is what hatred can do…in this case the hatred of islam and muslims.

    The murderer want to start a war against islam in Europe and that is his agenda (again, if interested google “Anders Behring Breivik manifest”).


    No people and no religion is safe as long as we dont understand that we all need eachother and that we are ONE people… THE HUMAN RASE.

    With love… <3

  3. Aharon Alexander isn’t an Israeli national; I cannot find it in my heart to say that he deserves the
    protection of the Hebrew Army. If he hadn’t been attacked, he would have no interest in helping you, or your family, or the Hebrew State.

    Y’all are making a gigantic mistake to define yourself on a confessional basis. It permits radical anti-zionists free entry to your space; it unfairly penalizes & marginalizes highly loyal toshavim and ezrachim who are among the honor roll of people who gave, on a silver platter, Israel its continued Independence, and it sets up a scenario for not being able to prevail against those who seek to destroy you.

    Ok: your claim to fame here is as a mother of an Israeli soldier. Wonderful; it’s a normal sentiment. So, are you concerned with ==all== of Israel’s loyal soldiers? Your own son is a member of the Chaplaincy Corps; and he’s a member of a military which has (on a per-capita basis) MANY MANY more non-Jewish soldiers than any other army in the world has of Jewish members. Now, can he tell you of even one framework in which he served their needs? Does the Rabbanut Tzvait offer marriages or (God Forbid) burials to its non-Jewish members?

    If the flap-of-the-butterfly’s-wing had gone in a very slightly different direction, Aharon Alexander would today STILL be busy defacing the prayer for the state of Israel and its soldiers, from every siddur he could lay his hands on… why do you have such a ratzon to sing his praises?!?

  4. Islamophobia is a nonsense word. It was invented in order to try to silence those who are issuing a wake up call to the rest of the world, because they know that, as Joseph Schacht said in his ‘Introduction to Islamic Law’, “the Islamic attitude towards unbelievers is the law of war: they must be converted, or subjugated, or killed”. They have read the ninth surah of the Quran, and the verse of the Sword; they know about all the murders, enslavements, assassinations and rapes committed or condoned by Mohammed, whom all Muslims are taught to revere as the perfect man, his every deed – including rapes and murders and robberies and lies and the wedding and bedding of a nine-year-old girl – deemed to be eternally valid and eternally worthy of imitation. They have examined the texts and tenets of Islam, and the blood-soaked history of the Empire of Islam on three continents, killing by the scores of millions, enslaving by the scores of millions, raping and plundering and laying waste on a scale that simply beggars description.

    It is right to be wary of an aggressive, total and totalitarian system, a system that forbids wine and suppresses music, art, sculpture, and all independent and critical thinking; that does not admit of self-critique nor of external critique or question (see the dead body of Theo Van Gogh, or the horrifying story of Asma Bint Marwan in the early accounts of the rise of Islam); a system that mandates death for anyone who tries to leave it; a system, a human gestalt, that intends to impose the sharia – which mandates permanent humiliation, degradation and physical peril for all who refuse to convert, and which permits and prescribes many practices that violate multiple clauses of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. There are pious Muslims, today, in this day and age, who do not see anything at all wrong with slavery (so long as it is Arab Muslims enslaving black Muslims, like in the Sudan, or so long as it is Muslims of any variety enslaving non-Muslims) and who have openly, publicly called for the resumption of slave-taking and slave-trading.

    There are those of us who have had quite enough of the theatrical Muslim pantomime of victimhood…of Muslims wailing and crying poor little me if somebody looks at them funny, whilst their co-religionists butcher, rape, rob and – in places like Sudan – enslave non-Muslims all over the world. Beslan. Mumbai. Itamar. S Thailand, where Muslims on motorbikes gun down Buddhist schoolteachers and Buddhist monks. Egypt and Iraq, where the defenceless Christian minority are being mercilessly persecuted, robbed, raped, killed by Muslims. Pakistan, Bangladesh: Hindus and Christians continually bullied, and girls – even minor girls – seized and raped and forcibly ‘converted’ to Islam. killed S Philippines. West Papua, where churches are burned down and priests killed. East Timor, where hundreds of thousands of local non-Muslims perished during the period of Indonesian Muslim rule.

    An intelligent and histotrically-informed wariness of Islam, and of Muslims, and a grim determination to resist the jihad whenever and wherever jihad is waged, is good and necessary, if the non-Muslims of planet earth intend to live, and to preserve and continue to develop their civilisations and societies.

    (signed, an Australian reader)

  5. to Mr Anonymous,

    you clearly have no idea, what you’re discussing.

    At this moment, Europe is busy getting transformed into Eurabia, against the will of the natives. And no Muslim can adduce any archeological nor Liturgical evidence that they once owned the joint, or that they never truly disappeared from the neighborhood, as Hebrews can in Israel.

    Europe is the ONLY moledet for an entire race of people.

    When I see you calling for “diversification” of the Japanese homeland; or of the Thai homeland; or of African countries (and Africaaners are suffering a slow-motion genocide RIGHT NOW in South Africa); then I will start to imagine that you are fair-minded. Until then, you’re just another white-hating racist. In my mind, it’s quite fair that you need to worry about the same endgame as the racist society-destroying kids at Utoya got.

    I am an a fairly objective observer. Aharon Alexander was =apparently== (no one can show me that it’s more than a presumption) attacked because he’s a Jew. I don’t think he deserves Israel’s help, but he apparently is innocent of blame. Whereas, This more recent Jewish murder victim in Ukraine – notwithstanding the hysteria of the Hareidi commentators – stole gigantic amounts of money in business transactions two years ago…. someone finally caught up with him. It’s the same fate which might very well have befallen him if he had pulled the same stunt in Arad or Dimona. Or even in Maaleh Adumim. Notwithstanding the genteel well-spoken grandmother bloggers, there’s also a lot of working-class rough-and-tumble kravi soldiers in Maale Adumim, and they’re not accustomed to turning the other cheek when they get ripped off.

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