Why I Never Liked Zbiggy

There are people who don’t realize that the world doesn’t really care about their opinion; that their day in the sun has come and gone. One such person is Zbignew Brzezinski. Brzezinski, who served in the Carter administration from 1977 to 1981, has been a “hasbeen” ever since. He campaigned most strongly for Barack Hussein Obama…but wasn’t given a post because it was clearly recognized that his longstanding hate-affair with Israel would be too obvious an indication of Obama’s future course.

The one thing Brzezinski never learned to do was curb his tongue. This is probably to our good fortune as it quickly disqualifies him from any assumption of even-handedness. Sadly, Brzezinski has chosen to open his mouth yet again, and, as expected, nothing worthwhile has come out.

According to news reports, Brzezinski has chimed in on what Israel should do about the nuclear threat to Iran. His answer, as always, has been…nothing. He is vehemently against Israel attacking Iran, lest it inadvertently damage the United States.

Gee, you idiot, I want to ask him, what about our safety? What about my children? What about our right to live in our country without facing a nuclear attack from a country that has, more than once, threatened to wipe us off the face of the world?

If and when Israel attacks Iran, it will be because the world failed to force Iran to back down from developing nuclear weapons…as they once failed to stop Iraq and more recently, likely would have failed to stop Syria. The world has that option, but time is running out. Iran cannot go nuclear. That is a simple and logical fact that Zbignew Brzezinski ignores. The threat goes well beyond Israel’s border. All of Europe can be reached by Iran’s long range missiles; according to some maps I have seen, Iran could technically even reach Zbiggy’s home in the US.

The US continues to talk of talk, in a situation that will not be resolved by words. The time will come, faster than the world is ready to accept, when a military strike will be required. Who will fly those jets is not yet certain, but if they are Israeli pilots, they will fly knowing that the safety and future of their families and millions of other people, will rest on the success of their mission.

It is a heavy burden, but one that our pilots have accepted in the past. It took the world 10 years to thank  Israel for wiping out Iraq’s nuclear reactor. Perhaps it will take that long or even longer for the world to thank  Israel about Iran.

Israel has acted in the past, as any nation would, to protect its national interests. More – to protect the physical nation, not just its interests. We are talking about a direct, clear, and present danger to the future of Israel. No comment from Zbiggy-boy on that threat.

Iran has been warned, sanctioned, threatened more and yet continues to hurl itself, and the world, to a nuclear Iran. The United States, with Obama at the head, is once again willing to talk. If ever there was a man who failed to truly understand the Muslim world of which he is so enamored, it would be Obama. If there was ever a man so blinded by his hatred of Israel, it would be Zbiggy.

Now, Zbiggy has done it again. On the honor of the Jewish New Year, Zbignew Brzezinski has offered Israel and the Jews his advice. No, no greetings and best wishes, but rather, a warning: prepare to be destroyed by Iran, and if you dare to defend yourselves, expect to be attacked by the United States. That’s right, he his charging the United States air force with flying against Israel in order to protect Iran. Yes, that is one bright idea, Zbiggy, one bright idea! Says Zbiggy:

“They [Israeli jets] have to fly over our airspace in Iraq. Are we just going to sit there and watch? We have to be serious about denying them that right. If they fly over, you go up and confront them. They have the choice of turning back or not.”

Leave it to Zbiggy to blame Israel and not Iran for this impending conflict. My only question is whether the genius of Zbiggy, which clearly leaked out of his brain long ago, thought up this bright idea all by himself, or if he got Carter and/or Obama to help him.

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  1. This man is a rabid anti-semite. He always was, his former boss is, and both always will be. Why are you surprised that he wants war between Israel and the US? It will also give exemplification of his anti-semitic notion of dual loyalty of the American Jewish community. The man is a real Nazis pure and simle.

  2. Zbiggy might want to take a look at a map of the region. Iraq is not the only country that borders Iran. In fact, it is surrounded by Sunni Arab nations that have a vested interest in Iran’s nuclear program being bombed back to the stone age.

    Zbiggy is nothing more than a rabid Jew hater whose curses should only strengthen our resolve.

  3. Carter and Zbiggy… probably the darkest days, in terms of leadership, in America since WWII. Let’s hope history doesn’t judge Obama as worse! Scratch that — let’s work to make sure that Obama isn’t worse. Elect conservatives to Congress in 2010!!

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