Where Nothing is Normal…

…we find gratitude in the things that are not normal. Last week, a katyusha rocket slammed into northern Israel, fired by an Al-Qaida affiliate (so claims their website). What is amusing is the President of Lebanon claiming initially that Israel fired the missile at itself, using an Israeli agent hiding in Lebanon.

Comical or deviously sick-minded? Who can tell. Perhaps a little of both.

Now comes word that the city of Tzfat (Safed in English) has added new technology to its offerings. No – not a new cellular networking system or some great device to save power – but the first bus station that has been reinforced against missile attack.

That means that the northern city now joins Sderot and other towns and villages in the area bordering Gaza to offer this protection. It may not be state of the art, but it may well save lives.

Of course, one could argue that in a normal country, rational neighbors don’t shoot missile across borders without provocation – but Israel has never been a normal country and our neighbors are anything but rational and so, this is Israel

Tzfat joined Sderot and Gaza area communities Thursday when the Galilee city installed its first bus station reinforced against missile attacks.

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