When Your Son Becomes a Father

I guess somewhere in my brain, I knew that as my children got older, they would marry and I’m blessed that three of them have. I guess that somewhere in my brain, I knew that my children would have children, and I’m blessed that two of them have.

It is amazing to watch your daughter become a mother; your son to become a a father. I think they will both be better parents than I ever was, though I know I tried and continue to try so hard to live up to the image of the mother I want them to remember.

Elie came here the other day and told me the cutest story. From a young man who talks more of the harder things in life, this was so special. They need to get little Michal a US passport so that she can fly with them to visit Lauren’s family. So while Lauren was at work, Elie was going to go to the photo shop and print out passport pictures and get the process started.

Only, the photo shop’s machine broke down minutes before Elie got there and there’s only one place in our mall that does this. Unsure what to do, Elie went to the Ministry of Interior office – yes, right there in the mall and learned something. They do pictures…but not for babies.

Except, Michal was so cute and Elie really wanted to get it done, so the women decided to try. After you take the picture, the computer rates whether or not the picture is “good” enough to pass. Two women tried to make sure smile and get the picture right. This is the image in my mind – these women and Elie playing with a baby. They couldn’t get enough of her.

Finally, after getting two “14”s – when you need a 15, one of the women went to the supervisor and told him – enough, give this one your signature, and he did.

There are other images lately – of Elie adeptly changing Michal’s diaper, of him picking her up with two hands under her arms and holding her at eye level and saying to her and her alone, “Abba love you!”

I am blessed to have children, a son and daughter-in-law, a daughter and son-in-law, who are amazing parents. I don’t think I was ever as patient, as calm, as knowledgeable as they are.

When your son becomes a father, when your daughter becomes a mother – the gift they give to you is perhaps among the most precious in the world. They tell you that no matter what you did or didn’t do as a parent – they came out not just alright, but amazing.

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