When Hell Freezes Over

When hell freezes over, I might believe that the Palestinian Authority is ready to make peace. Does that sound harsh? Perhaps.

How long does it take to change the mindset of a people? A generation? A decade? Can it really change so drastically in just 3 years? I don’t think so. Perhaps in a generation – if the generation is raised with the new set of values and beliefs. As the older generation dies off or at least becomes less influential, visions and opinions can change. Or perhaps, even change is too strong a word. Perhaps adapt is better.

Yes, over time, a nation can shift it’s mindset; it can strive for something else and accept a new set of values. There was a time when Blacks in America were considered worthy only of being slaves. That shifted over time – first to an acceptance that they have every right to be free…and then finally to not only be free, but to be equal. Equal enough, in fact, to have brought a Black man to the White House.

Yes, nations can change – but that change took over 100 years…few changes that go to the core of a people can shift overnight. Reality here.

So, here’s a videotape of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas – three years ago…then, as now…I believe this is the truth of the man.

When hell freezes over, Abbas will accept Israel as a Jewish State…it reminds me of Abbas’ recent statements that in his vision of the Palestine he believes will be created, no Jews/Israelis will be allowed and that Jerusalem would be the capital of this mythical state. To which I proudly replied, “Um…Abbas…not in your life…not ever.”

Anyway – for those who are delusional or desperate enough to think we have a peace partner who will accept Israel – a reminder…this was taped three years ago…perhaps the kind of change we need to see among Palestinians could happen in 100 years…but not in three.

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  1. One thinks of Nazi Germany but then again, we’re not talking about a state that has had a century to poison its people’s minds against Jews.

    The Arabs have done that for centuries and this way of looking at the Jews will not be easily overcome. Islam is a way of life even more than its a particular ideology and hatred of the Jews in it is divinely ordained.

    We’re not going to ever have peace with the other side. Its possible for nations to change when they’ve been defeated or suffered from some internal catastrophe. That has never really happened to the Arabs.

    They have no incentive to change. And without it, peace with them will remain impossible.

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