What the Election Results Mean….

I wrote a post on my other blog…on the Times of Israel and it came out really nice – what I was thinking…I’m not allowed to post the whole article here, so with apologies, I’ll ask you to continue reading it there.

Election Will Bring War, Poverty, Pestilence…

There, now that I’ve got your attention, let me tell you that the Middle East of this morning is fundamentally the same as it was yesterday. We have not had a major upheaval; lives are not at risk (at least not in the purest, most direct sense of the word).

I’m not in mourning – in fact, quite the opposite. I celebrate the democracy we are. The people have spoken. No, not exactly as I had hoped but that is for another time. If you are right-wing and you went on a tiyul yesterday instead of voting – you (and I) will live with that decision. In truth, I don’t believe we will live with it long because I believe the election results have put Bibi in a difficult position. With each partner he takes into his government, he will face a contradiction with another.

Bibi, who likes to make broad, large governments (because it gives him more power to maneuver), finds himself this morning in the narrowest of coalitions. His basic format is likely to be to form a coalition with Yesh Atid and Bayit HaYehudi. That makes 61 – you can’t get more narrow than that. From there, he’s stuck.

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