What if the siren goes off when I’m alone?

I’m in the office today until late. I spoke to Aliza shortly after she came home. I explained I’d be here for a while, at least. She’s home alone until my husband returns from work and some errands.

“Ima, what if the siren goes off when I’m alone?” she asked me.

“Go quickly into the bomb shelter and close the door,” I told her, my heart clenching at the thought of her in a  bomb shelter alone.

“I’ll take my phone with me,” she said, and I quickly agree.

“I’ll call you right away and you can call me,” I answer back.

“Can I take Simba in with me?” she asks. Simba is our dog.

“Of course you can. That’s wonderful. You take care of Simba and call him into the room.”

What world do we live in that a 12 year old has to consider going into a bomb shelter alone? If I could leave now, I would but Al Jazeera English contacted me and asked me to be on their show. Check out my next post on that…

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  1. Thoughts and prayers for you, your family and all Israelis — especially those serving in the IDF.

    I’d wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, but…

    I suppose I could say “that ship has sailed” — back to Israel! 🙂

  2. Oh, my sister-friend. This made me weep. Such a tender age to have to be so aware of such. And, for you, as a mother, to even consider how frightening that would be to a little girl. Much love sent to you.

  3. Shalom! Thank you for an informative blog like this! Praying for the brave and courageous soldiers of Israel. Praying for Israel too!

  4. Shalom! Thank you for this informative blog. Praying for your country and for Israel.

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