What causes traffic jams in your country?

Slow moving trucks? Old people driving very carefully and slowly? New drivers who are unsure of the machine? Visitors who are unsure of the route? Israel has all of this…and more.

How about animals…like sheep? Cows? How about camels?

And, my all time favorite….the tank traffic jam. So, what’s the strangest traffic jam-causer you ever saw? Did I win this one, or what?

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  1. Well I had the cows before (a bunch of them when the farmer across from where I grew up led them back onto the meadows) and I had tractors and then there is parades that you’ll see in the spring with clowns, colorful uniforms from a time when we mocked the French and all kinds of weird, funny, fantastic costumes. The military transports usually get stuck in traffic with everybody else…

  2. Im so happy to live in a country like sweden, a country that doesnt murder children, that helps people from all over the world.

    You “israelis” (americans): GO HOME!

  3. It really would have been more impressive if the tank had not been on a flatbed trailer 🙂

  4. Oops, forgot to wish you and your family a wonderful and joyous New Year.

    L’Shana Tova!


  5. I think you could redeem yourself with your sons, Paula, if you could tell us what kind of tank this is, and you can’t say tan.

  6. Dear Barbara,

    How about if I tell you it is steel-colored? No…okay, a big one? My guess is:
    1. An Israeli one
    2. A Merkava – because that is the only name of a tank I know (plus Elie says he thinks so too).
    3. I have no idea – but it was indeed big…

  7. Hi Joe, thanks for the new year wishes! Re the tank – it has to be on a flatbed or it would destroy the highway…

  8. Ms. Anonymous, stay in Sweden, don’t come to America. We don’t like Jew Haters here. Or Nazi collaborators either.

  9. I was trying to help you hone your powers of observation, Paula, so your sons would be impressed. You have to say Merkava right off and not add in big and steel colored…(sigh). At any rate, don’t you feel nice and safe with tanks roaming the highways and gunboats off the beaches and soldiers with big guns everywhere you look? Not going back to Auschwitz, Ms. Sweden.

  10. I think I can go one better – two tanks on trailers on a two lane highway with a speed limit of 90 kph. The trailer travelling at 38 kph insisted on overtaking the trailer traveling at 36 kph. Result – huge traffic jam!

  11. George – did you at least get a picture???? Yes, huge traffic jam…and yes, you win. I’ve only seen lines of tanks…never saw any dumb enough to try to pass and knock out the second lane!

    Did see a tank crash into an overpass (tank was on a flatbed and the driver ignored the height of the bridge)…and yeah, that was another huge traffic jam.

  12. Dear Sweden (Anonymous),

    I’ve started this response several times and each time, my anger overwhelmed my ability to answer politely and so I stopped.

    I too am glad you live in Sweden. It makes it so much easier to dismiss your hate-filled comment. I believe in a country that stands for justice; not one that couldn’t even take a stand against the Nazis. Your “neutrality” is a falsehood, a sham.

    You write that your country helps others? Really? I guess I missed the headlines of this great event (events?). I did hear on CNN and all over the world about the amazing contributions of the Israeli team in Haiti, Turkey, the great tsunami. Gee, I don’t remember any reports about Sweden there.

    But your final comment is the best of all – thank you, truly. You wrote that I should “go home”…but, you silly person – that is exactly what I did 18 years ago and others have been doing for the last few hundred years. We are home and your nasty little note proves perfectly why we need our home, here in our eternal homeland.

    There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?

  13. No, I didn’t get a picture. I was driving and did not have any passengers.

  14. I propose we make a list of murdered children for the edification of the Swedes and all the rest of you Jew Haters. I will start.

    Yonaton Palmer, Jewish toddler, murdered in his father’s car by Palestinian rock throwers, last week.

    Hadas Fogel, tiny Jewish baby, decapitated by Palestinians, in the summer.

    Elad Fogel, 4 year old Jewish child knifed to death by Palestinians.

    Yoav Fogel, age 10, Jewish child knifed to death by Palestinians.

    Shlomo Nativ, 13 year old Jewish child murdered by a Palestinian with an ax.

    Shalhevit Pass, Jewish baby murdered in her stroller by a Palestinian sniper, gunshot to the head.

    The four little Jewish Hatuel girls aged 2-11, shot execution style in their car by Palestinians, the toddler in her car seat.

    Danielle Shefi, Jewish toddler, shot to death by a Palestinian murderer.

    Yehuda Shoham, Jewish baby five months old, murdered by a Palestinian who threw a rock at his head.

    And I’m terribly sorry I forgot the name of the little 4 year old Jewish girl killed on the beach with a rifle butt by a Palestinian.

    And the Jewish children on school buses murdered by Palestinians and blown up in restaurants and …

    Wouldn’t we all like to live in a peaceful country where no one wants to murder our children. You could cry–or build more tanks and buy more fighter jets and train a bigger army. I guess we can do both.

    -Proud mother of an Israeli combat soldier, reserves.

  15. More murdered children for our list:

    Jewish teenager murdered by Palestinians who fired a laser guided rocket at his school bus, in the spring. Sorry, could someone give us his name?

    Three Israeli children murdered by rocket fire from Lebanon. One a Jewish child killed along with her grandmother, the other two were little Arab girls playing outside. Need names for our list please.

    I just remembered that the mother of the four little girls murdered on their way home from Gush Katif was pregnant, so we can count that baby as being murdered by Palestinians as well.

    The baby sister of the little girl beaten to death with a rifle butt, accidently smothered by her mother in hiding, she belongs on our list. I am sickened to say that I remember the unspeakable name of their murderer but not theirs. So could someone help me out here.

    There are so many more names we need to add to the list. This is important. I know this has not got much to do with tanks and nothing to do with traffic jams, but we cannot let the comments by these European Jew Haters stand. We are all friends here and it is not Paula’s burden alone.

  16. Thanks to George who checked with his son and wrote in: “Having checked with my son who served as both a soldier and a logistics officer in a tank regiment, I can the verify that the tank in the picture is indeed a Merkava; specifically a Merkava Mark III”

    So – it’s a Merkava Mark III metal colored tank. Still waiting to know what year it is…but I guess we will have to leave it at the make and model.

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