Well, Lucky He’s Not a General

I shouldn’t be typing this one – but I will. Hopefully Elie will forgive me (hopefully, Lauren won’t read this post and tell him about it).

Elie is in my office taking apart a bookcase that he’s going to use in his apartment. I don’t need it here anymore as we shifted things around in the office, so it’s theirs. I opened up the news, as I usually do and saw an article about a former Israeli high court judge who recommends that Israel not attack Iran. As Elie removed screws (or were they nails?), I read him what the former judge said. His response, said calmly and with humor, is typical Elie, “well, lucky he’s not a general.”

Simple. Accurate. It’s getting quite ridiculous how many people think – think, but don’t know, what Israel should do. The only way anyone can really make an informed and intelligent recommendation is by first understanding the depths of what Iran has, what it can develop, what they are likely to do with it, and the chances of their success in accomplishing their threats.

How many people have this information? I would venture to guess the vast majority of the Israeli parliament and the vast majority of the US Senate and House of Representatives don’t. I would say 99% of the Israeli population, including the good former judge, and 99% of the US population, do not have this information. Sure, we have what the media tell us, but not much more. Ahmadinejad is confident that he can wipe Israel off the map. He wants to annihilate my country, my city, my town. He has said it very clearly – haven’t the nations of the world learned anything from history?

Elie Wiesel once said, “When someone says they want to kill you, believe them.” I believe Ahmadinejad – more than I believe Barack Hussein Obama. The president of Iran clearly feels strongly enough about his dreams and his plans that he confidently says it whenever and wherever he can. And, the Israeli military feels strongly enough about the potential for their success that they have seriously ramped up the distribution of gas masks.
Why every politician, and now a judge, feels they should offer opinion on the limited knowledge they have is beyond me. I like Elie’s answer – it balances a measure of dismissal and insult. Amazingly enough, while warning Israel against an attack, Eliyahu Winograd still offers advice for the Prime Minister of Israel:  “Sit down, shut up and plan it quietly. If you’re planning a strike – strike, but why talk about it? So that the Iranians can be better prepared?”

Well, on this last point, I do have to agree. My only question, then, would be why he felt it necessary to speak to the news. In fact, why is any politician speaking to the news?

I guess Elie is right, we ARE lucky that he is not a general. Yes – shut up all of you and plan quietly. If you are planning a strike – strike strong, strike hard, strike true. Don’t talk about it. Why give away any of our plans. With the latest dismissal by the US government – don’t even talk to them. I wouldn’t trust Obama not to “accidentally” leak our plans to his Arab buddies anyway.

Israel has the most amazing military in the Middle East – one that is more dedicated than any other, more committed to the survival of its people. Each officer, each soldier in our army understands the simplest of truths – it is your home you defend, your family, your parents and brothers and sisters. For 64 years (and before), it has always been Israel itself that is at stake. There is no difference today – other than our enemies being more vocal.

If someone says they are going to annihilate your country – believe them, prepare to fight against them and do all in your power to stop them.

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