This is long – but so beautiful. One hour or so of video – don’t feel that you have to watch all of it. The Streaming was done by an amazing website called

You’ll see our family – you’ll see the sons we have adopted. It’s been a big secret we succeeded in keeping from Elie – Yaakov flew in for the wedding. Chaim was the emcee. It’s just wonderful. I have so many pictures to share, so many thoughts – and still no time.

So for now, if you have never seen a Jewish wedding – I hope you’ll enjoy.

If you have never seen two people who love each other, joining together in marriage – well, I hope that is not the case, but in any event – a thought that went through my mind is that every parent prays for the moment I was so blessed and honored to see – the moment when your son looks at his bride with such love, such devotion. I invite you to join in our happiness.

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