We Remember…

I’ve never done this before – not once, and yet, today I will. I have a candle burning in my living room – a memorial candle that will burn 24 hours long. I can’t sit down and write an article – my eyes are already burning and I have hours of work I must do. If I begin to think, begin to remember, begin to hurt, I won’t finish.

What can I write that I have not written already? Who can I reach? For the first time, I simply rely on the past – those who lived it, those who have written it…and a bit from what I have written…

From last year’s blog post:

Sometimes, you think you’ve used all your words…and here are some of mine in the past:
And after re-reading all these articles from my past, I found in the end that I did have some words, posted in bursts on Twitter:
  • In loving memory of Shmuel…and in honor of my Shmulik who carries his name and tonight wears the uniform of Israel.
  • In loving memory of Binyamin Elimelech…who was murdered by the Nazis days after he was married…and to my Elie, who carries his name.
  • In loving memory of Shaye, my husband’s grandfather…and with his death – we honor the 7 Shayes who are alive today and carry his name.
  • In loving memory of Raizel, my great-grandmother, who was murdered in Auschwitz and whose death haunted my grandfather to his dying day.
  • In memory of Gabriella, a young girl killed by the Nazis in 1944; lovingly remembered by her siblings (including my mother-in-law).
  • In loving honor of Saba Moshe, who has spent all his life remembering and helping others.
  • In loving memory of those whose names my children carry…a burden and an honor passed to a new generation.
  • In loving memory of my father’s entire extended family. We were a family of no survivors…because none survived the Holocaust.
  • In loving memory… of 6 million and more… for all the names we know and the many we don’t. May their memories be blessed.

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