We Laugh a Lot in Israel

Yes, it’s true. We have two options when some of the more absurd things come to be published. We could laugh…or we could cry. We here in Israel choose to laugh…what else can you do…

Here’s one from Israel National News that should bring a smile to all – we are, apparently, now guilty of rigging the Zimbabwe elections…go figure. This, of course, assumes we are bright enough to know the difference between the candidates platforms and involved enough to care…but why enter logic into the realms of absurdity.

Israeli Company Accused of Fixing Zimbabwe Elections

Opposition to Robert Mugabe, 27-year president of Zimbabwe, is accusing the entrenched leader of using software from Israeli start-up Cogniview to rig elections in the country.
Cogniview, based out of Or Yehuda and employing a staff of 10 people, vehemently denies the accusation. CEO Yoav Ezer responded to an article in newspaper ‘Zimbabwe Online’, which accuses the Israeli company of having ties to the Israeli Mossad intelligence agency.

Ezer said the story is not true, claiming “In fact, it could have only been more fictional if we were accused of using alien technology.”

Ezer asserted that he thinks the opposition party was angered when they received voter lists in a PDF format supplied by Cogniview, rather than in Excel or some other format easier to handle, and therefore concocted a story to villainize the software

He says Cogniview will fully cooperate with international investigations into the accusations, saying his company has “nothing to hide.”

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