Wanna Laugh?

They (whoever they are) say that there is a British sense of humor that is very different than the American sense of humor and, to some extent, “they” are correct. I have sometimes had conversations with people from the United Kingdom…and they will say something and laugh and I will wonder because to me, it just wasn’t funny.

“It’s my British sense of humour,” they will say…and laugh again.

Each culture likely has its own sense of what is funny and what is not. Israelis must have one too…I guess they do, but after so many years here, I am guessing that I no longer think it strange and am likely to laugh.
I hope you’ll find this funny – I find it hysterical. I find it glorious. I find it just.

For as long as I can remember, we have been plagued by an organization of terrorists – the Palestine Liberation Organization. Though they changed the name (later calling themselves Palestinian Authority), sometimes Fatah or whatever, their goal and methods have long since been the same.

They are responsible for some of the most horrible terrorist attacks our people have suffered – they have murdered our soldiers…our babies, our sons and daughters. They have murdered our children, our grandparents, our wives and husbands and fathers and mothers. Nothing and no one was beyond their scope.

There is no revenge that we can inflict to bring back what we have lost. Their ways have been the path of death, destruction, martyrdom. I don’t know if the Palestine Liberation Organization, busy with murder and mayhem ever had time to set up a website, as Hamas and other terrorist organizations have…but someone sent me a link – try it out…

Enter this website address:  http://www.palestineliberation.org/
Wait a few minutes…wait for it…trust me, it is worth the few seconds it takes to load.
Here it is – the direct way!
All hail…the IDF!
No, you didn’t blink or do anything wrong.
Enter the above URL…and get the IDF English website.
There is, my friends, great justice and irony in the world and someone with an incredible snse of humor!

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