US-based Organization CAMERA Catches BBC

According to a recent news item on Israel National News – BBC has admitted false reporting and bias:

BBC Caught Red-Handed with Anti-Israel Bias

( A media monitoring organization and a British resident have forced the British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) to apologize for blatant anti-Israel reporting after catching the network with false reporting. The BBC has a long record of being prejudiced against Israel and formerly has been called on the carpet by the Israeli government.

The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) recently revealed that the BBC used an old picture on file to show the alleged bulldozing of the home of the terrorist who murdered eight Merkaz HaRav yeshiva students. The home never was demolished, but the BBC reported, “Hours after the attack, Israeli bulldozers destroyed his family home.”

Another false report was detected by a Manchester, England Jew after he noticed that the network quoted United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon for condemning Israeli attacks on Gaza civilians. However, BBC used the quote several weeks later to tie it with a specific attack on terrorists. The news report stated that Israel deliberately attacked civilians and did not mention the preceding rocket attacks on Israeli civilians.
The BBC apologized for both incidents.

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