UNIFIL forces in Lebanon Report

UNIFIL…um…United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon…was founded in 1978. 

They had several tasks – most of which, it seems, they have failed. The only one I think they really succeeded in completing was watching over the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000.

They didn’t succeed in stopping Hizbullah from basically taking over Southern Lebanon, with tens of thousands of missiles aimed at Israel.

They didn’t succeed in stopping an infiltration and kidnapping of Israeli soldiers which resulted in three deaths; they didn’t stop a second infiltration to Israel which resulted in the deaths of two more. Each an agonizing chapter in Israel’s history.

They haven’t succeeded in stopping two drone launches against Israel and the firing of several katyusha rockets.

And, according to latest reports from Lebanon – they haven’t succeeded in stopping Hizbullah from taking up strategic positions along our border – which means the next Lebanon war is probably not far off….

And according to a post in today’s Arutz Sheva:

UNIFIL forces in Lebanon report Wednesday that Hizbullah has seized strategic positions along the border with Israel. Lebanese Daily Star reports the military have, after repeated clashes with Nasrallah’s terrorists abandoned their border posts to Hizbullah control, who have set up roadblocks and surveillance observation points facing the border with Israel.

 So – what exactly has UNIFIL succeeded in doing?

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