#Tweet4Shalit Campaign – August 26th

A few months ago, on the anniversary of Gilad’s 3rd year of captivity, I and some other “tweeple” began a campaign to get Gilad Shalit to the top of trend tracking. Our goal was to make more people aware of Gilad, the unfair and illegal conditions under which he is held and, ultimately, to do whatever we could to get Gilad home.

A new campaign, started by the Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF), has been launched and scheduled to run on August 26th, just two days before Gilad’s 23rd birthday. Here’s what JIDF writes about their upcoming campaign:

The goal is simple: We want to raise awareness.

Gilad Shalit was only 19 when he was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists. Since then, the Red Cross has considered the manner of his captivity a violation of international law. Hamas terrorists have denied the Red Cross access to Gilad, a violation of the Third Geneva Convention. Human Rights Watch has described Hamas’ detention of Gilad as cruel and tortuous, especially the way Hamas have disallowed Gilad regular communication with his family.

If enough people sign into Twitter and use the #GiladShalit hashtag for all their Tweets on August 26th, his name will become a trending topic on Twitter, and millions of people who are not aware of Gilad’s daily struggle as a victim of Islamic terrorism — due to the mainstream media’s neglect of this issue — will learn of his plight, two days before his birthday.

We hope you’ll all join in to help Gilad on his 23rd birthday. As a soldier’s mother, my heart breaks to think of any mother unable to see her son, talk to her son, and to know his condition. Hamas has used emotional torture for three years now. It’s time to bring Gilad home now. Please join this effort on August 26th.

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