To Germany from a Jew in Israel

Of all the countries in the world, it seems the one I am least able to understand is Germany. I can’t tell you when I determined that nothing I own would be German – not my cars, not my appliances, and sure as hell, not my ovens. I cringe at the thought that any Jew could buy a German oven.

When I say this out loud, people tell me I am wrong to blame today’s Germans for what was done 70 years ago. For a while, I laid this on my in-laws. So long as they lived, I would not bring something German into my house. Davidi is named for my father-in-law; he was born a year after we lost my husband’s father. Aliza is named after my mother-in-law; she was born five years after we lost my husband’s mother.

I can laugh off criticism of Israel from England and France. I think they have enough problems in their own countries without trying to interfere in mine. It annoys me that they run to condemn us for building houses on empty mountains next to the capital of our country. I see that mountain every day of my life – there is nothing there; no Palestinian homes – at most, a few Bedouins sometimes graze their sheep there before returning down the mountain to their camps.

But there is something about Germany that simply infuriates me. I know you want to take your place among nations; I know you want people to move on and recognize you for the power you are and not the misery that was.

I read that Britain and France are considering sanctions against Israel…and I am astounded – for building on a hill? I want to ask them. My voice in my mind even takes on a British accent as I say that last line. For building on a hill? Tell me, did I miss it when Britain and France applied sanctions against Hamas and Gaza for firing thousands of rockets into our cities? Sure, they condemned the last bus explosion in Tel Aviv – the one for which Hamas claimed responsibility…but did they actually DO anything?

And I think of the struggle I have inside of me to move beyond, to allow the Germans their future, untainted by their past. I long for the day that I will buy something German and not feel that I have betrayed the memories of 6 million and broken a promise to those who survived. And as I hear Germany speak of morality, my stomach turns and I know that day is not today. No, Germany – you have no right to dare to council us on where we build our homes. It is an abomination from a land that built not homes but gas chambers.

Russia and Sweden have expressed their “concern” too. Gee, I think I missed their concern when I was running to the bomb shelter two weeks ago. So, I look at that mountain across from me. It is barren, but for the large police station Israel has built there.

For this, Germany, France and England will condemn us. People will say we steal Palestinian land and yet, interestingly enough, the land is today as it was for generations, even hundreds of years. Barren, empty, waiting. It waits for us to come home – and look what happens when we do.

The land waits for us – to make the desert bloom. We have, we are, we will…our land.

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  1. That’s the space of a human lifetime.

    People should be judged by their conduct not by their origin.

    Germany has no business telling Israelis where they may build and live in their own country. I’d like Prime Netanyahu to drive the point home when he meets German Chancellor Angela Merkel later this week.

    I have mixed feelings all this coming from a family with a German mother and a Jewish father. But ganging up on Israel with the rest of Europe doesn’t increase Germany’s standing in Israeli eyes.

    Jews have every right to insist on being treated with dignity and respect. Theodor Herzl wrote over a century that we shall be not be left alone and we are hated because of who we are. In this, he was correct.

    But he was mistaken in thinking that a Jewish State would cure anti-Semitism. The nature of hatred of the Jews has changed in the kind of Jews the world hates but it still remains with us.

    That reality explains why you cannot completely move forward on Germany and I don’t blame you even though I have moved into the future.

    All the same, Israel should hold its ground. This is after all, the Jewish homeland.

  2. I am with you on everything you said! Jan

  3. Paula – this whole thing stinks. I just can’t believe the way countries that should know better are ganging up on tiny Israel, and siding with the Mohammedan Mob.

    I am an Australian. I wanted our country to vote a resounding NO to the genocidally Jew-hating ‘Palestinian’ Arab Muslims. Instead, we wimped out and sat on the fence.

    And my country – like Germany, France, UK – is now huffing and puffing and threatening Israel with diplomatic repercussions and so on, just because Jews are building on some land that is wanted by the local Arab Jew-hating Muslims, land that if the Muslims get, they will use it – like every other bit of land they get in Judea and Samaria and like they use Gaza – as a springboard for their genocidal Jihad against the Jews.
    As far as I am concerned, all of Jerusalem belongs to Israel. All of Judea and Samaria: everything from the Jordan River to the sea, and especially the military high ground you need to defend yourselves against Jihad, belongs to Israel.

    A whole lot of Aussie politicians will be getting a flea in the ear from me, over the next couple of days.

    I hope that there are righteous Germans, and Brits, and French, who will be doing the same to *their* governments. And making lots of noise, and not shutting up.

  4. Syrian air defense // December 4, 2012 at 3:15 pm // Reply

    Stop whining and complaining.If you don’t want Germany to express its opinion about the Pali/Israel conflict then stop dragging Germany into your mess.If my memory serves me right it was Israel which asked Germany to broker the Shalit deal and other things.You can’t have it both ways.It’s clear that the new settlement is an (wrong) answer to the Pali statehood at the UN.For starters it would be nice to know what Israel itself want to do with the Westbank.It has been wishi-washi policy sind 67.If you want to annexe the WB it’s okay with me. Drive the Arabs out of the WB or if not then leave.Why don’t you guys make a decision at last?

  5. I remember reading Jung – about the collective unconscious and cultural archetypes – I never really put much thought into the concepts per say until after I read Barbara Tuchman’s brilliant A Distant Mirror. This book was about European life in the 14th century. I came to the part about how the Black Plague swept through the Rhinelands. The good volk of the Rhineland believed the plague was G-d’s punishment for allowing the Jews to live among them; consequently, it was decided to round up the Jews in either their homes or synagogues, the doors and windows were nailed shut and the buildings set on fire. Six centuries later, those same descendants of the good volk – were rounding up Jews and sending them to the crematoriums.

  6. I stand with you dear one. I love Isreal. Jerusalem is your ETERNAL Capitol. I am proud of you as a mom, and for standing-up for the TRUTH!!! God bless you. I want you to know I support you in prayer and that my thoughts are with you and the beautiful Jewish people that have given this awful heathen world so…much. Our redeemer lives! And ANY and ALL nations that dare to raise up their hand against you in word or deed, our God shall judge! He has promised and said, “I will bless those who bless you (Israel) and curse those who curse you.” Even America which is not invincible any more than the other nations. All Israel shall be saved! If I could, I myself would stand side by side and physically fight all Israel’s enemies. I put your nation above all nations. There are MANY of us God has raised up for just a time as this! To support his chosen ones and I am a watchwoman on the wall. I hope and pray these words bring you some measure of comfort as I know this is spiritual warfare in the highest degree! My prayer’s are with you and your’s and I truly wish you and yours a most blessed and Happy Hanuchah. Sincerely your sister and friend in our LORD, God and an eternal friend to Israel. Always and forever!!! SHALOM
    Bonnie 🙂

  7. You’ve got nerve! You curse Israel…The very God of Israel-the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob..Almighty God of the UNIVERSE has said, “Jerusalem is mine.” He gave it to the Jewish people as he promised. This same God will Judge you for judging them. I would tread VERY lightly!!! The LORD saith considering Israel, “I will bless those that bless you, and I will curse those that curse you.!” That includes you, me, and every single other human being on the face of the Earth! Should be thanking Jewish people at every opportunity for the great things they have done for all humanity! They have given us the prophets. Yeshua/Jesus Christ. Moses. The Holy Bible. Not to mention a large host of wisdom and advancements in every facet of society, they have blessed us with their God-given wisdom, ingenuity, and I could go on and on. Just a specially blessed people. And through them everyone can be blessed too. It is a sad day when nations are poking their nose in Israel’s business-especially over where and when they can develop their own country. I say it is your right, and your God given right to build and plant as you desire. One day soon, Israel will have ALL the land our LORD has given US! I bless you Israel. Shalom

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