Time to Say Thank You…

My mother always taught me that it is not only proper – but it is also never to late to say thank you to someone who has helped you. I got this email – I’ve seen it before, but then I thought to share it because what I assume is public knowledge, often isn’t.

This may surprise you!

So, America – please say thank you to ALL of the countries who helped the U.S. after hurricane “Sandy” & the Oklahoma Tornado’s.

Time to send THANKS to all of the countries that reciprocated for all the times America stepped forward to help with their disasters, misgivings, social turmoil, & poverty by returning the favor, and sending the United States of America monetary and physical help when “Sandy” ravaged our East Coast leaving dead, homelessness, and pure disaster along with the tornadoes that have hit Oklahoma towns.

Listed below are ALL the countries and worldwide organizations, that sent their gracious assistance as a means of showing their humanity, their caring, their recognition of what America has done for them. 

Please assist me in thanking these entities by passing on this email so people from all over America can join in and THANK ALL of our neighbors, to whom the US has given billions of dollars and in many cases risked the lives of their soldiers and emergency rescue forces!!!

Here they are…

1. Israel

Yes, the “list” is complete. 

the People of Israel

7 Comments on Time to Say Thank You…

  1. Ironic, isn’t it.
    But why does it have to be written by an Israeli?

  2. Good one!

  3. I’m linking to this post on my blog. Thank you for writing it. (It won’t make a difference in the world, you know; but thank you anyway.)


  5. Miguel – thanks for the update. You are absolutely correct and once again, I salute the amazing Canadian government and people – who not only sent help to help after Hurricane Sandy, but continue to stand as a strong friend of Israel. I got this by email and posted it. I still think, though, that it is rather pathetic that only Israel…and Canada…sent help after all the times the US has jumped to help other nations. But, you are absolutely correct that both Canada and far-away, little Israel were the only ones to help.

  6. Yep, was going to comment that Canada also helped. Via a NY source directly impacted, I heard of ways Canada was contributing that never made the news. But yes, as always, Israel stepped up..


    Oh and did you see who Canada has just named as the new Ambassador to Israel? The Palestinians are not pleased, it seems…but I think you will be..

    I am pleased, and plan to write on it in the next couple of days..

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