Thirty Years….Wow

Thirty years ago…wow…

I met him when I was 17 years old…he walked into the room and I remember the very first thing he said to me.

I had heard his name the year before – from my sister, who thought I should meet him…it didn’t happen and she flew off to Israel (my dream) to spend her junior year abroad, while I started college.

The minute he said his name, something clicked.

We talked for a long time and within a few months, on my 18th birthday, began dating.

He was so different from anyone else I had ever met. 

There are sides of him in our children – the need to figure things out, the good heart, wanting to help others. 

Thirty years seems like so long when you say the number and it seems like such a short time when you think about how fast the time went.

Shmulik and Naama are at a wedding tonight…a new couple starting out on the journey of a lifetime.

Amira is home with her husband and son;

Elie is home with his wife and their new baby daughter.

Davidi is in school; Aliza upstairs taking a shower.

For the past few months, she has spent hours and hours creating a photo presentation of our lives – it brought us to tears as we sat and watched it.

Look how our babies have grown, look what we have built.

God has blessed us – over and over again – with our children, those born to us and those we have adopted. With three more that have come into our family and now two grandchildren.

I can’t think right now beyond this moment.

I started physical therapy on my shoulder today – Lazer has been so helpful and supportive.

He’s arranged pillows, helped me reach things, get things, done so much.

Marriage isn’t easy – the best things in life aren’t.

We don’t always get it right but I just have to look at him to know that he’s the one for me.

So, congratulations to me and to the wonderful man I married, to our children and our grandchildren. Thirty years…wow.

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