Thinking of what comes next

Part of living in Israel includes thinking about what comes next in the scheme of things. Right now, there is civil war in the Palestinian areas and political turmoil in our own government. The defense minister, proved incompetent in the last war has been replaced by Ehud Barak and the Prime Minister remains hugely unpopular.

A strike is looming in the airport and Sderot and its environs are still being hit by rocket attacks daily. Despite all of this, Israelis remain among the most satisfied with their lives and overall conditions in the country.

Much could be improved, but we remember, through it all, that this is Israel. This summer, an organization known as Nefesh b’Nefesh will be bringing several planes full of new immigrants to Israel and tourists will again fill our hotels and visit our beautiful cities and attractions.

As Israel heads into summer, Israelis are very busy thinking about what comes next…and hopeful that tomorrow will be better, our leaders braver and more sure of the path they choose for us.

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