There’s A Helicopter Over My Head…

Circling and circling. They are waiting, as many of us are…for a boom, for the moment when the terrorists succeed. Sometimes it seems inevitable; sometimes it seems we are winning the battle. The pressure is high here now in Israel as we wait for the Annapolis Summit to begin…knowing that there are forces trying to derail it. Sadly, the only way, or perhaps their favorite way of doing this is by murdering Israelis and so our security forces have raised the warning level and put all forces on alert. It’s disconcerting to have a helicopter flying over head, making large circles, disappearing for a few minutes to some other side of the city, and then returning here. Being on alert, even high alert, is another part of life in Israel. It can go away for months at a time…but usually, especially when the world believes the opportunity for peace might be at hand…those who would see otherwise choose to act. And we, who sit at our desks and try to work…listen to the helicopters and simply pray that this is yet another day when they don’t get through, when nothing explodes. No matter what happens in Annapolis or in the weeks and months and years to come…at this moment…I hope the helicopter pilot is vigilant and that when he goes home tonight, he can say to his wife, “Nothing happened…except I got to fly over the most beautiful city for hours, around and around…and then I came home…in peace.”

From Israel National News:

Jerusalem on High Alert

Jerusalem went on high alert on Sunday after security forces received a warning early on Sunday afternoon that a terrorist group plans to carry out an attack in the city. Two terrorists are reportedly on their way to the capital.

Forces are stationed in eastern Jerusalem in particular, near the entrances to the city. Witnesses say police have blocked the entrance to Hizme and the bridge at French Hill. Additional roadblocks have been set up near Adam and Shaar Binyamin. Police Special Forces are mobilized, wearing helmets and bullet-proof vests.

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