The Ultimate Spin

Spinning a story is a political challenge for many, and few excel at spinning better than Hamas and our other enemies. Today’s news provides a perfect example. A tunnel was being dug close to the security fence between Israel and Gaza. According to Israeli military intelligence, which is notoriously accurate (as opposed to much of what Hamas’ leadership says), the tunnel was built with its exit inside the Abu Hamam family home, to run under our security fence. It’s goal, says our army, was to be used as a passage way through which to enter Israel, capture one of our soldiers, and escape back to Gaza – another Gilad Shalit.

Israel destroyed the tunnel. And here comes the spin:

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri claimed Tuesday night that Israel’s raid into Gaza proves that Israel no longer wants to maintain the lower level of direct attacks begun in June. Abu Zuhri called the Israeli destruction of the tunnel “aggression… a major violation of the … agreement…” He threatened that if Israel conducts more such raids Hamas would bring the combat to more of Israel than merely within rocket range of Gaza.

The IDF spokewoman’s office stressed that the incident was just a pinpoint operation to stop an immediate threat, and that it was not intended to bring about an end to the relative calm. (Israel National News)

So there you have it – the intention to break the “relative calm” – was not the digging of a tunnel to kidnap one of our soldiers, but rather our nerve in destroying it. And the response from Gaza:

At least seven rockets and 16 mortar shells landed near kibbutzim (agricultural collectives) in the western Negev on Wednesday morning. No injuries have been reported at this time. The Magen David Adom (MDA) ambulance service has gone on alert in the region.

Four IDF soldiers were wounded in a mortar shell attack in Gaza, IDF spokesmen said Wednesday morning. Three of the soldiers were moderately wounded, meaning doctors see no imminent threat to their lives, but one or more of their limbs or major organs are at risk. The fourth soldier was lightly wounded.

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