The Thunder Rolls

The Sabbath is coming in just a short while, so I will write quickly some thoughts of what is happening. Elie finished his training course this week a day early and had yesterday off completely. The course taught him how to do what he’s been trained to do…using an earlier computer system. This is what he will use when doing his reserve duty. He’s now free for the next two weeks…and then has to go back to the army for two days to turn in his equipment and receive his reserve duty card.

This weekend is Parshat Zachor – the portion of the Torah that is read before the holiday of Purim. It contains a reference to Amalek – the evil king of the Amalekites. As the Israelites left Egypt, Amalek attacked them – from the rear…where the women and children and the weak were straggling behind. This is what a coward does and so the Jews were commanded to destroy Amalek and all traces of his existence and we were commanded to remember the crime of Amalek…of those who attack with no honor.

It is a custom in Elie’s yeshiva – the pre-military academy where he learned before the army – to gather at the school. All those who can get out of the army, those who have finished already and those yet to enter, come and sleep over. They sleep wherever there is room – it isn’t about accomodations but about joining together. Many from Elie’s group will be there – all about to get out of the army in the coming weeks.

Shmulik is at his yeshiva…he is a bit over a week away from entering the army. Chaim goes in next week….

So many feelings, so many thoughts…not enough time to write them down.

It’s raining here – pouring from the skies. Each drop is a blessing in this country, where water is scarce and we depend on the rain during the winter to replenish our land before the dry summer months.

As the Sabbath comes…my mind is filled with blessings that we have received, that I have been granted. May your lives be filled with blessings – and may you have the grace and the honor to see them, recognize them, be grateful for them.

Shabbat shalom.

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