The Thing Is…

I have nothing much to write about – nothing that’s really new.

Elie is doing his course for entry to university…nothing new soldier-wise there or in the near horizon. He is exempt from Reserve duty for one year (another 5 months) after finishing his service in the standing army, excluding war or emergency situations.

Shmulik is serving most happily as S.’s driver; all-around general assistant, etc. and enjoying the post. He gets to drive a lot, which he loves; is learning evasive driving, which is apparently cool; gets to go to shooting practice regularly and even got to fire S.’s pistol, in addition to the M16 that he knows well.

Chaim took a shot at the Commander’s Course but decided not to stay in there so he’s been assigned to his first “combat” position on a checkpoint and, to his great disappointment and my great joy, is in a really nice, quiet location which will allow his mother (and me) to sleep well at night for the next few months. Boring, he says and I  smile greatly. Be bored, Chaim – be bored and may you remain bored for all the days and nights of your service! Boredom is a soldier’s mother’s best friend!

Yaakov’s in the States – hopefully to come visit soon and tell me more of what is happening in his life.

My girls are doing fine – my husband working too hard.

My parents are fine and mostly healthy – they give me a glimpse of what life can be like in another few decades, but all in all, they too have a good life and I can hope to be as lucky.


The thing is – today is my 50th birthday – and if I stop and look…I am in that most amazing place where I can look and be so grateful.

To be married to the man I love, and have loved since I was 18 years old (could be since I was 17, if you believe in love at first sight…which it might have been).

To be the mother of five children who bring me pride and joy; to have two special “sons” in my life (one that brings me chocolate!).

To have a special son-in-law and soon, a new daughter-in-law…

To live in the place you always dreamed about living, in a land that touches my heart and soul every day.

To have friends – dear friends, who call and write to wish me well, but more, send their love and blessings every day in their friendship.

To have health – a true blessing.

To have love.

To have land.

To have time…

So, the thing is…I guess I’ll take a moment on this blog and wish myself a happy birthday because it isn’t every day you reach 50, but maybe more important, it isn’t every day you stop and think..really think, how much you have to be thankful for.

It’s a good day for that, I’m thinking. A very good day indeed.

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  1. Mazal tov! happy birthday. may you have many more days with nothing much to write about, unless it’s simchas.

    from frequent lurker
    Mrs Belogski

  2. Happy Birthday my friend- you deserve all the beautiful blessings that you have…
    Mazel Tov


  3. Happy Birthday. May you have a year of health, peace, and happiness.

  4. Happy Birthday!
    מזל טוב!

  5. Happy Birthday to an inspiring lady, Mazel Tov! God Bless You and your entire family. AM YISRAEL CHAI!!!! Jan

  6. Happy Healthy Birthday to you! Finding your blog was like finding a treasure….the way you write, one feels like a personal friend, sitting in your kitchen sipping tea, while hearing about the family. What a gift you have…thank you for sharing it. I was on a kibbutz for two years, and left for personal reasons. Thirty years later, I still have a lump in my throat, remembering how it felt to leave my beloved Israel. Your blog helps me feel like I am there, and who knows, one of these days, I may return and stay! Jan

  7. HI there Mother of Soldiers,
    Happened on to your blog and I am glad I did. What a beautiful family, loving, kind, heroic and living a dream in the holy land. May Hashem watch over your boys and all our courageous young men and bring true peace soon.
    This week we are celebrating my mom’s 80th birthday and my son’s 29th so birthdays are in the air. Have a wonderful and happy day.

  8. Thank you to all of your for your kind wishes and comments. It was a lovely day. Anonymous with your mother and son’s birthdays – congratulations to them – I hope they both have wonderful days, and many, many wonderful years to come! May they both live to 120, with the health and wisdom and happiness of a 20 year old!

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