The Thing About Comments is…

See, this is my blog and I don’t have to pass through your nasty comments. I really don’t.

So, if your comment includes lies – I’m not going to put it through.

If your comment includes a link to propaganda – filled with lies and exaggerations – same deal. I don’t owe you a platform – get your own blog.

If your comment includes an invitation to dialog, a question, etc. – I’ll pass it through and either comment afterwards, or make a whole post out of it.

If you are dumb enough to start your comment by thinking you have the right to say this is my land or not, you’re wrong. You can choose where to make your home – you can’t choose where I make mine, or what right I have to live here.

If you are ignorant enough to begin by saying that we are targeting civilians and that is equivalent to the regular rocket fire against Israel, don’t expect me to treat you seriously. Today, three more mortars were fired at Israel – at civilians, at our cities. You cannot consider yourself an intelligent, moral human being if you equate those attacks against the targeted elimination of a terrorist cell about to launch a rocket in the direction of one million people.

If you think that terror only happens when something explodes in front of you, you are wrong. Terror is the launching; terror is the threat. People who have to consider where they will run if in this second an alarm goes off – they live with terror and are terrorized. Palestinians do not live this way – unless they choose to live next to a Hamas Training Camp – and if they do, they deserve their fear. They endanger their lives and their children’s lives. More than once, Israel has warned civilians to evacuate an area – and the civilians have gotten up…and surrounded the terrorist’s house!

Finally, though it appears that I have ignored you thus far, if your comment supports my blog – yeah, I’m vain enough to smile and pass it through. I thank you for your support, for following, for commenting, for sharing. You have become an important part of my life and I love touching and being touched by your support. I am so grateful for all of you.

Those are the rules.  If you like them – great, please keep reading and please do keep commenting because I really, really want to hear what you have to say – when you can say it nicely and with honesty. Shavua tov – may it be a good week for all of us.

In the meantime, here’s a response for Lolo and da brasil.

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