The Stupidity of Ignorance

I’m sometimes amazed, sometimes amused, sometimes angered, and sometimes just pushed beyond words at the way some nations make decisions. This latest decision by Norway falls somewhere in the midst of all those emotions. According to Israel National News:

Norway’s security authorities have ruled that Israel is a dangerous place and as such, the country’s national shooting team has cancelled its trip to Israel next month. 

Eighty-seven people were killed in Norway in terrorist attacks last year. That is certainly higher than the number in Israel and yet, the country’s shooting team has canceled its trip here and security authorities have ruled that Israel is a dangerous place?

I’m trying desperately to find a diplomatic way to call these people morons and I’m not succeeding. Do they understand nothing? Apparently not. So let me phrase this another way – congratulations to the Norwegian security authorities for coming up with the best example of capitulation and utter stupidity I have heard in a long time.

And congratulations for showing such utter weakness, such lack of bravery. There is no victory here – other than that handed to the concept that terrorism should be rewarded. By contrast, the Russian team will come.

What can I say? Norway once again has remained true to itself – I can think of no greater condemnation to offer it.

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  1. and the terrorist in those attacks was a man that hated muslims. He attacked those he thought defended muslims. speak the truth.

  2. In keeping with the best traditions of Quisling!

  3. I think you’ll find Norway is up to their neck in anti-Semitic behavior and Islamification issues. Just read Robert Avrech’s colume here:

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