3 Comments on The History of the Middle East – in Social Media!

  1. >> Three young Israeli women are being held on suspicion of attacking Arab motorists near the Tapuach junction in Samaria Tuesday

    above from today’s edition of israelnationalnews.com

    well, young ladies: close, but no cigar. The real struggle will not be decided by rocks. & he hasbara struggle cannot be not be won by stoning fols who are going out shopping.

    You need to be throwing rocks back AT ROCK THROWERS.

  2. Could I just say on the subject of rock throwers, go to israelnationalnews.com today and take a look at the bloodied face of a Jewish baby. It was Palestinian rioters who did this, they threw a rock at a baby. Now ask yourself if you think their cause is just, what kind of monsters are these and who can possibly make peace with them.

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