The Helmet Law Comes to Israel

It’s a great day in Israel!

Starting today, a new Israeli law goes into effect requiring bicycle riders and those using roller-blades or skateboards to wear helmets. The Knesset passed the law requiring the helmets two months ago and hopefully, from today on, people will follow the law.

It’s a silly thing really – not the law, but the fact that it has to be a law. It really is common sense. It really is so simple. But it really doesn’t matter – because today, Israel accepts a law that will protect our children and those speeding along, hopefully enjoying themselves – safely!

Although there are laws in various states and localities in the US, there is no nation-wide law requiring helmets and in fact, more than a dozen States in the US have no law requiring helmets. So, as of today, Israel joins a handful of nations in the world…only a handful…who have made this law. It is yet another sign that we cherish our children and will do all that we can to keep them safe! This is Israel!

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