The Blessings in a Name

People have asked and so I offer my son’s name. This is how we bless our sons with life, with health, with safety. We bless them and ask that God grant us His protection and help guide our sons (and daughters) to follow His path – to the Torah, to the wedding canopy (the chupah), and to good things.

So, for all these things, I thank those who are praying for Elie and for all our soldiers. Elie’s name is: Binyamin Elimelech ben Pnina. May he live to 120, be safe and happy and healthy and…since I’m wishing for things, may he meet a wonderful, righteous young woman and give me many grandchildren (and a few with his blue eyes would be really cool).

Blessing our Soldiers

I’m collecting names – send them to me and I’ll add them…May God bless and watch over each and bring him (or her) safely through and home.

  • Binyamin Elimelech ben Pnina
  • Hanan Dov ben Yehudit Rivka
  • Nadav Ishai ben Yehudit Rivka
  • Yehoshua Adam ben Sara Imeinu
  • Avraham ben Moshe

3 Comments on The Blessings in a Name

  1. Amen!!

    Btw, I could not find a link for Yashar L’Chayal. When you post about it, make sure to include a link or other contact info.

  2. May you be zechut to have many grandchildren and even some with wonderful blue eyes.

    Thanks for his name.

    Kol Tov.

  3. My prayers are with you, your family, and the soldiers.

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