The Art of Cutting Brownies

This past weekend, Elie was home. As I usually do, I planned to send something back with him. We began a discussion of whether he wanted brownies or my latest “specialty” – plain white cake COVERED with chocolate chips (regular and white chocolate).

Elie requested the white cake but asked for only white chocolate on it. Since the white cake was ready to go in the oven and I wanted to also make brownies, I asked Elie to put the white chips on top – he covered the top with them. When the brownies were ready to go in the oven, already in the mood, he dumped white chips on that too.

Later, when the cakes had come out of the oven, I was busy making something else, so I asked Elie to cut the cakes into small pieces and put them in the plastic containers he takes to the army. What we do, is buy tons of store-bought cookies that I use for our training center in Jerusalem and then I bring the empty plastic containers home and use them for Elie to take back to the army.Elie began cutting the cakes but, well, Elie is Elie. A minute later I heard him laugh and say, “now this works” and I looked over and he was cutting the cakes with a pizza cutter. Just rolling on through each row.

Efficiency-wise, the kid might have something.

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  1. Last Saturday we ate at my husband’s brother’s house, and my husband’s sister-in-law made brownies and she had laid a whole, huge Hershey’s symphony bar in the middle of the batter so there was this chocolate, toffee and bits of almonds layer in the middle of the brownies. They were very yummy. If you put the white chips in the middle of the batter before baking, I wonder if it would leave a neat layer, too?

  2. Never thought of using a pizz cutter. Will have to try that sometime.

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