That’s a Fiat…

“That’s a Corolla. That’s a bus! That’s a Mazda 3; good job! There’s a bus.”

That’s Elie instructing his nephew on types of cars. I guess I should mention his nephew is 5 months old….and Elie was holding him as they looked at the window. His nephew looked solemnly for a moment, stared up at Elie. Elie made a face, his nephew smiled and Elie laughed.

Elie turned the baby back to the window and began his lessons again, “That’s a Fiat…”

One of life’s greatest wonders is watching your daughter become a mother and your sons become uncles (and yes, watching your youngest be an aunt). My children are enthralled by the baby. They never get tired of watching him, holding him and making him smile. Each smile is a reward for them and them alone. Priceless and pure.

It’s too soon for me to know how being a grandmother has changed me but I can see in my children such love of this child, such pride, such happiness. They sing to him, rock him, play with him. Amazing….

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