Thank God for Neighbors and Facebook

Thank God for neighbors and Facebook! Our wonderful neighbors just called to tell us that Aliza was there and worried because she couldn’t reach us. My 10-year-old daughter is worried; my elderly parents are without phone service; I can’t reach my son in the army – all because Orange refuses to answer our calls and decided to cut the lines today.

They are blackmailing us – pay 10,000 NIS now and we’ll turn the phones on for two weeks while we try to arrange a meeting (the same meeting we have been requesting for the last 6 months).

Today, they went too far. There are certain things you do not do – you don’t cut off elderly people; you don’t cut off children; and you don’t cut off soldiers. All we have ever asked for is an explanation. How our 16 lines turned into 66; how our 2,000 NIS a month bill because 8,000 NIS; why we are being billed for lines and equipment we never received.

Today, they went too far.

This is the most despicable company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. You can follow this on – tomorrow, it becomes a legal issue. I’m finished trying to beg them for a simply meeting. Done!

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