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Sometimes, behind the news, there is the impact something has on our lives that few will see. A few hours ago, the Israeli army raised the alert level in Jerusalem anticipating a possible terror attack. Police spread out all over the city – this part is in the news.

Davidi came home to study for one of his matriculation exams. He has a huge amount of material he has to study and he wanted quiet. He got a message from his dorm counselor asking where he was and telling him if he was planning on going back to the dorm tonight (which he isn’t), he was to  head back immediately. This was on the instructions of the police, given to the schools. Get your children inside; account for them, know where they are and keep them safe.

Moments ago, the alert level was lowered, though police are still on alert.

What’s the story here? We may never know…or in a few days, we’ll hear something of a terror cell apprehended or some such thing. I’m not sure why I wanted to post this, other than to show that beyond what is in the news, there remains the lives we lead.

A terror alert is not just a news item – it is police taking to the streets but there is also the human side – of children called back to school. It’s a new immigrant posting that she’d heard what sounded like gunfire…it was fireworks set off by children as the countdown to the joyful holiday of Purim begins.

And there it is…this time, apparently it won’t even take a few days. I just heard that a suicide bomber has been caught at a road block just north of Jerusalem.

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  1. Oh my goodness, this is so scary. I can’t imagine living in that environment. I’m glad they caught the person who might have been responsible, but your family will be in my prayers.

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