Teach the Children?

There are things we teach our children, here in Israel, that they should not have to learn. No child should learn to look for suspicious people who they think might blow up the bus that they are on. No child should learn how to put on a gas mask. And no child should learn that a siren means run for your life, because you have only seconds before there will be an explosion.

But…if they have to live it, perhaps it is just that we have to see them run and feel their fear. Someone posted just such a countdown on YouTube.

First, picture it in your mind – children in kindergarten…suddenly, a siren, and the children run as they count…until the explosion.

“Tseva Adom” – Color Red…the children have learned a routine of counting down the 15 seconds they’ve got until the explosion of the rocket…

Once they get to ‘0’, they start singing out load, so they won’t hear the explosion of the rocket…


In the saddest sense of the word, this is Israel.

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