Take a Bear

Aliza has a bag of the sticky candies that I hate – they are sugar and color, bad for your teeth, just bad…kids love them.

She gave her father a star last night – “so he would have a good night.”

She gave her brother a bear – “so he wouldn’t be scared at night,” and she gave him two little cherry-shaped candies “so he’d be healthy.” She said the last one with a smile because she knows these candies are not healthy.

Am I reading too much into the bear? Is it normal for a 12-year-old to still be just a bit afraid at night?

For her, it has been a long journey…if you haven’t followed it, you can read about it in these past posts:

She’s come a long way indeed. A few days ago, I was late getting home. She told me she wasn’t afraid anymore to be in the house alone. What I liked about her giving her older brother (who towers above me and is even taller than Elie) a candy so he won’t be afraid, is the sense that this is another symbol of healing, of moving beyond. 

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