Standing Strong – My People Lives

The story of Israel is being told not only on the battlefields in Gaza, but in the hospitals in Israel. Two weeks ago, a young man was married and after only one day with his new bride, he left family and friends to continue the “celebration” of his marriage to go off to war. Yesterday, he returned home, critically injured. We are all praying for Aharon Yehoshua ben Chaya Shoshana to have a speedy recovery.

Another story that touched us began ten days ago when Dvir Bar-Chai was wounded. Since then, his family has been by his side. Yesterday, his sister and brother-in-law took their newborn son to Dvir’s bedside to perform the brit milah ceremony, circumcising their son and welcoming him into the people of Israel.

Here’s the amazing story from Israel National News:

The sister and brother-in-law of badly wounded soldier Dvir Bar-Chai held a brit milah (ritual circumcision) for their newborn son on Tuesday in Soroka hospital, where Dvir is being treated. The location allowed grandparents Tzviki and Leah Bar-Chai, who have spent the last 10 days at their son’s bedside, to participate as well. The family had hoped that Dvir would wake up for the brit, but he did not, Tzviki Bar-Chai said. The occasion was still joyful, he said, “Every time a Jew is born it’s joyful. It strengthens the family.”The baby was named Amichai, which means “My people lives.”

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