Sometimes, Israel is a Rocket Falling

Israel is so many things – places famous and special; people who are so special, in so many ways; a land like no other, and, especially in the last few days, Israel is a target for an enemy that launches rockets and mortars and missiles at our city, while our government stands by and offers only words.

The army could act against the missiles, but they are crippled by a government that knows not how to lead. The saddest testimony came over the radio, when a 14-year-old girl explained what it was like to wake up in the morning and find a hole in your ceiling. She explained to the female radio broadcaster that she saw the hole, her mother came in the room, they got up and went to the sheltered room and waited there a while. Her recitation was calm as she answered questions. It bothered me; it bothered the broadcaster. When asked how she could be so calm, the saddest of all answers was given, “I’m used to it, and I’ve seen worse.”

I can’t think of a worse thing to say about Israel today, than that we allowed a 14-year-old to get used to incoming rocket fire.

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