So Why Do They Have So Many Little Terrorists….

There’s a story that I just saw (thanks to @Zionistseal – that the Egyptians have figured out that there’s a new Zionist plot to cause massive infertility among the Egyptian population by importing doctored shampoo from Israel.

I told Elie about this and his response was kind of funny – since Gaza probably imports its shampoo from Israel – “so why do they have so many little terrorists running around?”

Interesting question – another would be who thinks this stuff up?

And another, how stupid do they think the world is to believe this nonsense?

Infertility-causing shampoo? Next they’ll be accusing us of spying vultures, killer bees, killer sharks and….oh right, I forgot – been there, done that.

Well, my personal thanks to the Egyptian newspaper Al Ahram. They not be much in the area of journalism, but these guys would make amazing creative writers!

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