Smell the Grass

When was the last time you walked across a field of grass?

Wait, a whole bunch of you just looked up at the ceiling and thought…what the heck is she talking about? You probably walk through a field of grass every day, don’t you? Well, if not a field, a lawn, right?

Israel is a land that was, according to the Bible and logic, very fertile. I believe I read somewhere that when the Romans conquered Judea and sent the Jews into exile, they salted the earth to prevent our return. I googled it…yeah, google is now a verb…and there are more than 50,000,000 references to it. I didn’t click on them to see if it was true or not. The bottom line is still the same.

Much of Israel is short on water – we have desert as our southern half and even towards the north, we don’t really have lush, green mountains. Where we have fields of grass, they are usually cultivated and watered. Otherwise, they aren’t really grass, but rather weeds that grow in the winter months and die in the summer.

I went to a Microsoft conference today – they put on a light and dance show that was incredible. I have to write about the amazing technologies I saw there, the wonderful things Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer said about Israel. I want a Surface computer SO badly…I would love a Windows 8 phone. I ache for a convertible laptop and have given up the idea of buying a laptop until I can afford one. Just wow…

And with my head filled with the wonders of what Microsoft is bringing to the world…I began the walk back to my car. And, as I crossed the road, I opted for the shortcut so many others were taking…across the grass.

I grew up in America – where there is so much grass – we all had front lawns and back lawns and had to cut the grass regularly. I can still remember the smell of cut grass, of grass after a rain. I stopped thinking of Microsoft and looked down at the grass – there were people in front of me, people behind me. I couldn’t stop to touch it, though deep down I longed to.

I don’t know if you’ve ever stopped to think about the wonders of grass (the legitimate kind, naturally) – but it’s important to take that time in life – to feel the grass under your feet as you walk. I’ll remember Microsoft’s products from today…but I think part of me will also remember the grass.

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  1. Did you ever see “Pretty Woman” where Julia Roberts gets Richard Gere to take off his shoes and walk barefoot in the grass? 🙂

  2. Yes, Paula, and the beauty of the wild flowers and their fleetingly fast season…
    You were attacked by a well-programmed and choreographed “buy, buy, BUY” campaign.
    at least you came back to earth to enjoy G-d.

  3. On your first hand, The legend concerns Carthage, not Judea.

    On your second hand, the amount of salt needed to ruin a hectare of cultivable land for more than a few seasons of rainfall is stupendous. Could not be done in pre-mechanization days. Any spreading of salt in Carthage – and remember, the documentation for it is the same as for the existence and miracles of Jesus – several generations after the fact – would have had to be purely symbolic. A few bags.

    Then on your third hand, salt was a precious commodity then. Wars were fought to get it. People accepted it as payment for labor (“worth his salt”).

    On your fourth hand, if you actually grew up in the NorthEast USA, you should be aware that municipalties there spread scores of tons of salt on the roads every winter (and think about the gigantic trucks required to pull that off)…. yet the folks still can’t keep up with the lawn-mowing the following spring.

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