Sitting in the Hot Seat

Sounds like a great title, no? You’re wanting to know who is sitting in the hot seat…and what they did to get there right?

Well – let me explain.

About four years ago, we bought a really cool Honda Civic Hybrid – with seats that have this wonderful automatic warming system. We bought the car at the end of December…it was cold…well, at least as cold as Israel gets. I turned this wonderful thing on…the first day, it was heaven. The second day, it was heaven. By the third day, I felt like my bones were melting. I’ve barely used it since.

A few days ago, by accident, I clicked the heat onto HIGH on the driver’s seat and as expected, it warmed the seat very nicely…um…only I wasn’t sitting in there – it was another one of those great days that Elie was driving me around to give me more time for my ankle to heal. The problem was, when he told me what I’d done…I laughed. I might have gotten away with it – it was an accident, after all, if I hadn’t laughed. Drat.

Since then, the little sneak has been turning MY seat on…and laughing when I realize that IT’S HOT!

So, once again today, I was sitting in the hot seat…and I can’t even tell you that I’m going to get him back because I have a problem – no, Elie doesn’t read the blog, Shmulik doesn’t read the blog – I’m not even sure if my own mother reads the blog…oy, but Lauren does!

And her mother (a wonderful lady I’m looking forward to meeting)…and apparently, half the people I know – somehow have connections to Lauren that I didn’t even know about. Two of my former students…a friend in town who is friends with one of Lauren’s aunt/uncle…so, I’m surrendering my freedom a bit. Oh, it’s so incredibly worth it…just a new reality – sort of like putting me in the hot seat 🙂

So…since there might be spies, I can’t tell you when…but one day soon, that switch is going on high! And this time, it won’t be by accident!

3 Comments on Sitting in the Hot Seat

  1. They may not be spies… they just might be allies in your plan!

  2. Um… I kind of stopped reading it until Eli and I started dating. We then started checking like mad to see how long it would take until you posted about us. We got 2 days from the time we told you about the engagement to your post.
    We now return to your regularly scheduled program.

  3. Well…it took me two days to figure out how to post it…ladies and gentlemen – my wonderful, future daughter-in-law! So..does that mean you guys are going to stop reading it and I can go back to writing whatever I want?

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