Settling with God…

My post reprinted from the Times of Israel – A Settler’s Blog

I wanted to write about the unique feeling in Israel that is the day before Yom Kippur. There is something in the air here, something that defies words. There is an explanation of sorts – anticipation. Yom Kippur is very much about settling with God. This is what I did with the last year you gave me, God; this is what I hope to do.

Last year, for the second one in a row, one of my children was married; a new daughter of my heart. My grandson grew bigger and stronger and learned to walk, to talk. He’s just amazingly adorable. My youngest child reached the age of bat mitzvah; that means this is the first time all of my children will be fasting. More to worry about, in many ways.

So many things I did; so many things I didn’t. So many people I made peace with; so many I didn’t. So many days of worry; so many days of joy.

On Twitter, Arabs are complaining about a closure being imposed on “Gaza and the West Bank” – it’s yet another lie, of course. What closure? That they are denied entry into Israel? Of course they are being denied – what would they do if they came here? All stores are closed in Israel on Yom Kippur; there is no public transportation. All work places (other then emergency services) are closed. There are no restaurants open, no supermarkets. No building is done.

The closure is on us. We do not drive – we stay in our homes, our synagogues, our communities. We shut out the world….

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