Send a Smile…and a Cookie

I can’t send Elie any of my homemade cookies and brownies, but here’s a really cute idea:

Send a smile (and some cookies) to Israel’s soldiers – for free. Just click the link (I did), write your name and a note that will be sent to a soldier.

Today, my older daughter was walking and she stopped in a favorite bakery of ours. They had a sign that said they were collecting money to send cookies to soldiers in the south. Yesterday, they sent 3,000 cookies and today at least another 1,000.

On an email list for technical writers, someone posted asking for donations to send soldiers warm clothes. It reminded me of another question I hadn’t asked Elie – what is he doing for clean clothes? I didn’t ask him the particulars. One kind woman wrote to me, telling me she lives in the south and if I want, she could try to contact Elie and offer him some assistance.

I explained to her that Elie is in a closed military area and she wrote back that she LIVES in a closed military zone. Soldiers have been coming to her home; which she opened to allow them to take showers and rest.

I’d forgotten that part – people live there in that closed military zone. This war is taking place around people’s homes and lives and that’s why our soldiers are there. When I next speak to Elie, I’ll ask him about showers and see if he needs anything. It’s amazing to think that here this kind woman, who lives among rockets, is offering to help me (or at least Elie). But that is in so many ways, what defines this country.

The cookies…and the smiles. The offer of a shower or a kind word. I don’t know if Elie and the soldiers who are so busy now fully understand the support they have here and around the world. I’m storing this all up and when Elie comes home, I hope I’ll be able to show him the kind words, prayers and well wishes I have received from around the world.

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