Seeking “bogrim”

Magen David Adom (MADA), the ambulance squad, is asking for volunteers to go south to help. Davidi told me a few minutes ago and I began to think he was telling me he wanted to go. He’s only 16. I don’t want to let him…would I actually stop him? Could I? Would I?

My mind was racing with its thoughts while he explained. And then I asked, “what are bogrim?” I know what the word is, but I was asking him to clarify. Bogrim comes from the word “to mature” – so bogrim are the mature ones, but more, it is usually meant for those who graduate from school or an institution or course. I was afraid that Davidi, who finished his emergency medical training and is now volunteering with the local ambulance squad (lowest level; plans to take the next levels as soon as he can), etc., was going to tell me he is one of the bogrim.

“18 and up; Elie’s age,” he told me. Well, Elie isn’t 18, but I get the idea – which is, not the kids. And then he told me what I kind of knew – they don’t take children under the age of 18 to terrorist attacks and not, apparently, to war-threatened areas.

“If there were an attack here,” he added, “I wouldn’t be allowed to go.”

One worry down….for now…he’ll be 17 in another few months….one year left before I have to worry about the next time MADA needs bogrim.

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