Secret’s Out…

I haven’t wanted to post where Elie is or what he is doing – but since the news sites are announcing it, I guess I can write it here. According to YNET, “The IDF Artillery Corps is training in the northern Golan Heights area. Blasts are being heard in the region, including in Kiryat Shemona.”

Yup, that’s my boy.

I called Elie the other day and at one point, I thought I could hear the wind blowing through the phone, “Ima, did you hear that?”

It was then I realized they were shooting. A few days ago, they were shooting and started a fire – they immediately stopped the training to put out the fire.

“You didn’t start another fire, did you?” I asked him.

No – they are firing at the same location so there’s nothing to burn there. It’s been a long few weeks – almost over now. On Sunday, I drove Elie to the Central Bus Station to catch buses to the north. Once again, he carried an M16 and a large backpack, but this time, his army shirt was packed into his bags and he was traveling in army pants and a T-shirt.

It’s all the difference between being in the Reserves versus the standing army – and Elie is loving the difference. No one cares how they dress. They are giving up three weeks of their lives – and the army appreciates it. There is a message being delivered with each shell – a message this time for Syria.

We are on alert; we are aware; we are watching. Hear us in training and listen to the message. Now is not the time for war; we don’t want it. But if you think you can alleviate your problems by attacking Israel, you are so wrong. The army of Israel – the standing army and a nation of reserve soldiers – guard our borders.

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